Wine tasting at home, or anywhere else...

 I enjoy wine and I am here to help you enjoy it more too.

I do not sell wine, but I know people who do! I help you discover new wines which you can buy yourself from supermarkets, wine merchants and online.  This means that tastings are very relaxed as there is no expectation, or indeed possibility, of you making a purchase at the end of the evening.

I offer individually tailored wine tastings for groups typically of between 10 and 18 participants.  A tasting will last around 2 hours during which you will taste six specially selected wines as I talk you through the tasting experience, explain how the wines have been made, tell stories about the producers and answer your questions.  I bring all the necessary equipment and leave you with full notes to keep.  You don't even need to wash the glasses!

The charge for a standard tasting is £12/person (min 10 people), or for an advanced tasting including prestige wines £18/person.  If the tasting is not on licenced premises there is also a cost of £21 for a temporary event notice levied by the district council :-( 

I will select the wines after discussing with you your tastes and what new horizons you would like to explore or you can leave the selection to me and enjoy the process of discovering new and exciting wines to enjoy.

The Zoom tastings I do are organised through my good friends at Unique Wine Safaris who will be more than happy to sell you some wine if you like it :-)  Just click here to visit them

To find out more please  just email me at